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A selection of recent and reasonably recent books by CSOG members, participants and associates

Book: The Nature and State of Modern Economics 

Author:  Tony Lawson    2015   



 A new book (just published, April  2015) using social ontology to reveal the nature of modern economics, the source of its failures and manner by which the disciplined can be rendered once more of relevance.





Book: Commerce and Community  

Editors: Robert F. Garnett, Paul Lewis, Lenore T. Ealy  2015   



This book explores the overlapping notions of cooperation, rationality, identity, reciprocity, trust, and exchange that emerge from multiple  traditions within and across their respective disciplines.

Book: Social Ontology and Modern Economics

Editor:  Stephen Pratten.    2014   


A new book (just published, October 2014) on social ontology and modern economics, edited by Stephen Pratten that collects together papers by CSOG participants.





Book: The Cambridge Revival of Political Economy

Author:  Nuno Martins.     2013                                                     



Nuno Martins  demonstrates amongst other things that social ontology in all but name is a central component of classical political economy  





Books: The Causal Powers of Social Structures (2010), and The Reality of Social Construction (2012) 

Author:  Dave Elder-Vass       


Two recent books on social ontology by Dave Elder-Vass aiming to bring greater clarity to social science 

Book: Ontology and Economics: Tony Lawson and his critics 

Editor:  Edward Fullbrook    2009  

A set of debates between Tony Lawson and others - Bruce Caldwell, Bjorn-Ivar Davidson, John B. Davis, Paul Downward, Andrew Mearman, Bernard Guerrien, Geoffrey M. Hodgson, Bruce R. Mcfarling, David Ruccio, Irene Van Staveren, and Jack Vromen  - on a range of  issues relating to social ontology. 




Book: Contributions to Social Ontology 

Editors: Clive Lawson, John Latsis and Nuno Martins    2007


Contributions to social ontology by many of the field's most prominent contributors including Margaret Archer and Roy Bhaskar.






Book: Transforming Economics

Editor: Paul Lewis             2004



A collection of papers by a variety of economists all focussed upon assessing and commenting upon the contribution of the project in social ontology sometimes systematised as critical realism in economics .




Book: The Nature of Money 

Author: Geoffrey Ingham.       2004


Geoffrey Ingham draws on neglected traditions in the social sciences to develop a theory of the 'social relation' of money.






Books: Economics and Reality (1997) and Reorienting Economics (2003).

Author: Tony Lawson 

Tony Lawson sets out his case for an ontological turn in economics in particular and in social theory in general 



Publications - Papers

A CSOG position paper can be downloaded here:

A Conception of Social Ontology


Numerous research papers can downloaded, or requested, for the  selection of CSOG participants and associates listed  below:

Ismael Al-Almoudi

Steve Fleetwood

John Latsis

Clive Lawson

Tony Lawson

Paul Lewis

Ron Martin

Nuno Martins 

Dimitris Milonakis

Jochen Runde

Toru Yamamori