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Cambridge Social Ontology



A three-day Summer School on Cambridge Social Ontology will be held in Cambridge UK, in August 2024.  It will be immediately followed by an associated two-day workshop on Current issues and developments in social positioning theory. The five-day event will be hosted by the Cambridge social ontology group.


The event will be held in Newnham College, Cambridge, lasting from Monday 5 August – Friday 9 August 2024.


Topics covered at the summer school will include (Cambridge) social positioning theory and its bearings on various (topical) ontological issues in modern social theorising, such as the natures of money, gender, the corporation, artefacts, technology and the human social individual. The treatment of these sorts of issues in alternative accounts or theories of social ontology will also be covered. The aim is to provide a learning forum in social ontology for scholars interested in Cambridge social ontology


The summer school will involve up to 30 participants (in addition to presenters) and be primarily aimed at postgraduate students and early career academics in economics and cognate disciplines, although applications from all students as well as academics in any discipline (and others) and at any career stage will be considered.


Teaching on the summer school will be provided by members and associates of the Cambridge social ontology group. Organisational and teaching support will also be provided by members of the social ontology research unit at King’s College London

The summer school (teaching, rooms, food and board, etc) is fully funded, excepting for the cost of travel to Cambridge. Those for whom travel funding is otherwise impossible will be able to apply for additional support from a limited hardship fund. Details as to how to apply to the hardship fund will be provided in due course.

The organisers are grateful to the Cambridge Political Economy Society Trust and the Independent Social Research Foundation for generous financial support.

Places on the summer school will be allocated according to demonstrated interest in issues of social ontology, especially where related to the topics of the summer school.

The two-day workshop associated with, and immediately following, the summer school will consist of presentations of papers by invited scholars on Current issues and developments in social positioning theory. It is anticipated that about 75 scholars will attend (including the participants of the summer school, for whom full board for this 2-day event is also funded).


Applications to the summer school are now closed.

Any inquiries relating to the summer school should be directed to